This is a buggy built especially for Swansea Metropolitan University. It is fully road legal electric buggy with independent drive systems to each of the rear wheels. It is a very competent off road vehicle and is used for specialist rolling road tests by the university.

Elcat vans were the first vehicles to be sold by dragon electric vehicles in 2001. They started life as postal vans in Finland. They are based on very robust Subaru models in which we installed our own electric van systems. They are unusual in the world of electric vehicles as they have a gear box and so can be used for towing. Most of these vans are still on the road and maintained by us.

This is the chassis of the first electric sports car Dragon built, it's based on the classic Lotus 7 design ad has been subsequently modified to take a 12" electric motor with direct drive to the rear axle.

This 2004 model Vauxhall Astra was our first conversion with long distance motorway capability. The 32 kWh lithium battery gave it a maximum range of over 150 miles and could travel 100 miles at 70 mph. It was supplied to Cairngorms National Park with a trailer mounted wind turbine  to demonstrate sustainable charging at shows around Scotland.  

This strange vehicle is a three wheel drive single seat race car. It first raced at Llandow circuit in 2009 and surprised many of the entrants with it's performance. It is still raced today and has raced against petrol machines at Santa Pod, Margam Park, Epynt Hill climb, Shakespeare raceway, Prescott Hill climb and many other venues.

This electric motorcycle started life as a 1980 Suzuki GS250, the initial conversion by Panic Engineering was as a commuter bike for Bristol roads. After changes of motor, controller, and uprated batteries it was raced in ACU sprints and hill climbs by Bethan Lilly for 2 years. It has since been converted back to a commuter bike and is currently used on the roads in Wales.

When the GS250 became too slow for Bethan she started racing this converted Honda CBR600 with a 100 Volt 600 amp controller and motor it was considerably faster when not resident in gravel traps.

This is the fastest electric racing car built by Dragon, it runs at 200 volts and up to 1800 amps and has broken 13 class records in MSA sprints and hill climbs. It has also achieved a 168 volt world record drag time at Santa Pod raceway. It has since been converted to lithium batteries which has significantly increased its range and performance.